Heart to Heart ( Lummer Dai, Traslated by Yeshe Dorjee Thongshi)

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Lummer Dai belonging to an Adi tribe by birth, was born in Siluk village of the then North-East Frontier Division, an Eastern Himalayan territory of India on 1st June 1940. He was one of the first persons from his tribe to go school at Pasighat, One of the first schools opened in that hitherto unexplored and most backward territory of the world. Hailing from a tribal community, Lummer Dai was the first tribal writer of India to write a novel on the true ethos of tribal life from an insider’s experience. He wrote a total of six novels that were highly acclaimed by critics. He died on 5th April 2002.

The story of Heart to Heart is based on a unique relationship between an old Adi women and her pet dog on the backdrop of an era when a new dawn of civiliazation had started ushering into a society  marred by old superstition and belief.

Publisher; Purbanchal Prakash

ISBN: 978-81-950912-9-5

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